18. jul. 2010

Tiramisu med Jordbær

Unfortunately I don't have a photo of this amazing variant of the classic Tiramisu. Nevertheless, I can only recommend all of you to make it as long as the strawberries are in season - so hurry up!

Ingredients (6 persons)
 3 Egg yolks
100 g Sugar
2 tsp Vanilla sugar
2 tsp Lemon zest
250 g Mascarpone
2 dL Cream (38%)
1 dL Espresso
3/4 dL Kahlua
24 Lady fingers
200 g Strawberries
5 tbs Cocoa powder (100%)

Place the whole eggs in the zink and rinse with boiled water (to remove eventual chances for salmonella infections) and divide the eggs into whites and yolks. Store the whites for other purposes (e.g. meringue) and whip the yolks with the two types of suger until white before adding mascarpone and lemon zest. Whip the cream untill stiff and gently mix it into the cream. 
Dip lady fingers briefly in a mix of espresso and Kahlua and arrange them in the bottom of an approximately 23x23 cm dish. Spread half the marcarpone mixture over the lady fingers and top the layer with half the strawberries cut in halves. Repeat with the remaining lady fingers, cream, and strawberries. Cover and chill for 2-4 hours. Just before serving, sprinkle with cocoa powder.

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