3. jun. 2010

Vandmelon-Feta Salat

Refreshing and perfect for summer evenings.

Ingredients (2 persons)
1/4 Watermelon
50 g Feta cheese
50 Pine kernels
1 tbs Nigella seeds
Broad-leaved parsley
Fresh mint
1 tbs Olive oil
1/2 Lemon

Roast the pine kernels on a dry pan, cut the watermelon into suitable pieces, and chop up the parsley and mint. Arrange the watermelon on two plates and top with parsley, mint, pine kernels, nigella seeds, crumbled feta cheese, olive oil, lemon juice and pepper.

In this salad it seems to be the nigella seeds that win the price for containing most nutritional value and they have been used for numerous medical purposes for centuries. Among these are treatments  of stomach-, intestinal,- respiratory-, kidney-, circulatory-, and immune system disorders as they are postulated to be analgesic, antiinflammatory, antiallergic, antioxidants, anticancer, and antiviral.

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