16. aug. 2010

Nudelsalat med Tofu

When I go out to eat it often ends up with Vietnamese, which I love for both their spices and crunchy vegetables, but most of all for their fresh herbs as coriander, mint, and thai basil.
Often I miss more of everything when I order a regular noodle salad on a restaurant. Therefore I had to learn the secret behind the sweet'n spicy marinade so that I could make my own homemade Vietnamese noodle salad with extra of all the good stuff: ginger, chili, and fresh herbs.
From me to you - this one has it all, and I garantee it will make your tastebuds dance!

Ingredients (2 persons)
200 g Tofu
4 tbs Soya
3 tbs Sesame oil
2 Garlic gloves
1 dL Water
5 tbs Rice vinegar
3 tbs Fish sauce
1 Red chili
3-4 cm Ginger
2 Garlic gloves
1 Lime (juice)
50 g Cane sugar
200 g Broccoli florets
1 Carrot
1 Spring onion
1/4 Cucumber
1/2 Red pepper
3 Large Iceberg leaves
1 Large handfull mixed herbs (coriander, mint, thai basil)
50 g Peanuts
100 g Rice noodles

The tofu: Slice up the tofu (3/4 cm thick slices) and marinade it over night (or at least for 2 hours) in soya, sesame oil, and sliced garlic gloves. 
The marinade: Finely chop chili, ginger, and garlic. Add all the ingredients, except lime juice, to a small pot and simmer for 5-10 minutes a low heat. Cool off and ajust with lime juice. 
The salad: Heat up a large pan and fry the marinated tofu at medium heat untill golden brown. In a dish, pour boiled water over the broccoli florets and leave for 5 minutes before draining off excess water. Prepare the noodles according to the manufacturer. Finely chop the spring onion and remove the inner watery part of the cucumber. Slice up the carrot, cucumber, red pepper, and iceberg into fine screds and roughly chop both herbs and peanuts. 
Arrange in two large bowls. First iceberg, then noodles, vegetables, tofu, herbs, peanuts and marinade. 

Because the single ingredients are sooo pretty I just had to do a little photosession with the individual parts while preparing this salad...

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